• Address: Tehran Enghelab street - not far from the intersection - St. South Saba - St. Brothers M.
  • 021- 66465355-9 phone- 021- 66405705-8
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Hospital introduction

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Hospital introduction

The hospital's management is private and has a board of directors including:
Professors and doctors as follows:
Hospital CEO: Dr. Farshid Shabani
Chairman of the Board: Dr. Homayoun Samiei
Board members
Dr. Farshid Shabani
Dr. Ali Asghar Zafar Asoude
Dr. Mohammad Talebian
Dr. Hossein Nayeb Aghaei
Hospital Manager
Dr. Saeed Khan Mohammadi

Technical officer: Dr. Farshid Shabani
Nursing manager: Ms. Mojdeh Sayyadi
Financial manager: Ms. Maryam Abedini
Head of office of CEO: Ms. Vasavi
At present, the specialties in this hospital are
General surgery - Gynaecology - Open Heart Surgery - Cardiology- Pediatric Cardiology - Otolaryngology and endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery - Renal and urethral surgery - Thoracic surgery – Neurological surgery - neurology - Internal Endocrinologist - Infectious Disease Specialist - Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology – Pulmonology - Pediatric and neonatal specialist
CT-Scan – Radiology – Laboratory and Pathology – Pharmacy – Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Madaen specialty hospitals
Year Built 1970
Ear Surgery, nose and throat and endoscopic sinus and skull base
Urinary tract and kidney transplant kidney surgery -General surgery
Subspecialists and pediatric heart - Children and babies
Infectious diseases - Obstetrics -Orthopedic Specialist
Open Heart Surgery - Thoracic Surgery -Neurosurgery


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